Good Employees are hard for find.

It’s no secret that employee turnover in the service sector is high. It seems that as soon as you get a new employee trained and used to the way your establishment works they quit or someone else quits.  It  is a constant struggle to find, train, and keep good employees.  Maybe it’s the nature of the industry. Sure, that is most of the issue; but is it all of the issue?  Are there things you can do to slow or stop the turnover of employees?

Do you foster team building within the kitchen and dining hall floor?  Teaching and fostering crew members to rely on each other can make the most hectic day easier on every employee.

Stopping disruptive behavior and disputes before they become an issue can help.  Fellow employees may not realize that they are doing anything that is disruptive to their fellow employees.  This is a matter of watching how employees interact with each other.

Open door policies are the best policies.  Make sure that your employees know they can come to you if there is an issue that needs addressed and that you will be a fair, and neutral judge.  Make sure you address their issue timely.

Lead by example. There is nothing that will kill enthusiasm within the ranks faster than watching a leader that refuses to lead.

Take a look at your organization and see if there are things you can do to foster employee loyalty.  You may be surprised at what you see.