Party Clips

This popular Plate-Mate Accessory allows your guests a free hand to mingle while holding a plate and their drink. They also make a memorable advertising platform for your business logo or personal initials and motto; to say nothing about the conversation starter that this particular product has become. They make a great party favor or souvenir for a wedding reception.

They are perfect for a business grand opening since customers can take these home with the company logo.


The Party Clip can add a bit of elegance while being a practical addition to your event. They are durable, dishwasher safe, and made to be stacked together for easy storage. Party Clips are designed to fit most stemware and china.

To order the Party Clip, please call 330-477-7575 or 800-860-MATE. Party clip pricing is based on quantity of purchase. We recommend local printing if you want your clips to be printed.

Let your guests start a conversation with confidence.


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