Wall Mount Plate-Mate

Plate-Mate® wall mount plate rack models are designed for close work quarters and small kitchens in a variety of applications.

  • Easy access from kitchen window to front house or bar
  • Takes dinner plates off counter
  • Saves wait staff steps – delivering faster
  • Holds 6 – 48 plates
  • Models meet your needs: light duty to heavy duty

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They are available in single sided, small capacity to four sided, wall mounted table models.  They can be used in nearly any kitchen area, from the busy commercial kitchen to the private home.  Other areas where these small plate racks could be a giant helper would be in the bar, boat, camper, recreational vehicle, or ships galley.  Hardware for attaching the units are included.  You can attach them permanently to the wall ore you can detach the larger model and use them at the table, buffet, or bar.  The units can be cleaned with warm soapy water; or in the case of smaller units; can be cleaned in the dishwasher.