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We call them Salad Trees. We first saw them in 1995 at the NRA Show in Chicago. We bought 12 Plate-Mate 60 plate mobile racks that day. Those 12 turned into 100. With seven catering facilities in the Baltimore-Washington, DC metro area, Martin’s Caterers serves over a million diners annually. With so many large functions, and up to six simultaneous events, Plate-Mate creates greater efficiencies in our banquet operations. We use them to plate up salads and desserts. The Plate-Mate trolleys hold a lot more than racks with sheet pans and are easier to work with because you don’t have to pull out a tray. They also have a nicer appearance and take up less space. We’ve looked at the other plate racks now on the market; Plate-Mate is still the best one made. It’s much more versatile and the company really stands behind their products.

Jeff Post

Martin's Caterers, Baltimore, MD

We’ve been using the Plate-Mate for two years. They’re great for our banquet rooms! We don’t need carts or pans lined up – just plate up the Plate-Mate and wheel it out to the wait staff. That saves us valuable space and time. At first, we bought two, but the benefit to us was so immediately apparent that we purchased a dozen within a month.

Phil Moleski

Hyatt Regency, St. Louis, MO

The Plate-Mate is a very beneficial piece of equipment for a professional kitchen. We use them in our teaching kitchens. Plate-Mate helps a chef to maintain an organized work area, which is crucial given the space constraints and constant traffic in a kitchen.

Ron DeSantis

Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY