Plate-Mate Quick Tips

Collapsible 48 Plate

This banquet trolley is especially helpful for cold items. This cart could easily be pre-plated and ready to go and held under a shelf in your cooler until service time.

Table Top 12

Our tabletop models make a wonderful table centerpiece for any event. Simply drape our tabletop Plate-Mate® with tulle, satin, or any material that the host likes. Then insert your plates with appetizers, desserts, or any room temperature food. Now the guests can serve themselves and you have freed up a staff member.

Table Top 24

Pre-plate frozen desserts and hang the fully loaded TM24-220 in your walk in freezer with a meat hook and the attached suspension eye until dessert service is required. No last minute rushing to get frozen desserts served before they melt.

Table Top 36

Load this handy model with assortments of cold or room temperature appetizers and leave on your happy hour buffet. Now, you don’t have to worry about one person cleaning out all of one particular appetizer since they will likely only take one plate at a time. Your staff can see the plate tower from a bit of a distance and can glance to see when it needs to be refilled.

Table Top 48

When serving a small, intimate dinner or business meeting for 12 or less, load each side of the TM48-200 with a different course. Load a side table with beverages and now the guests or participants don’t need a staff member hovering during the meeting or dinner. This frees up your staff and gives more privacy to your guests.

Wall Mount 6 Plate Rack

This model is perfect for a private home bar. If you entertain frequently, this is perfect for cold hors d’oeuvres so your guests can serve themselves. Now you have time to mingle and visit with your guests.

Wall Mount 9 Plate Rack

Mount one of these on each side of your pizza oven to hold your peels. One side will hold the peel end, while the other side can hold the handle.

Wall Mount 12 Plate Rack

This model can easily accommodate pre-plated salads, desserts, or main course, for a small, social, or business dinner.

Wall Mount 24 Plate Rack

Pre-plate salads for your happy hour dinner rush complete with dressing. Or free up wait staff by putting your happy hour favorites on one of these at the end of your bar or behind your bar.

Wall Mount 36 Plate Rack

Mount one of these at each end or your continental breakfast buffet with room temperature items such as bagels, danishes, muffins, or fruit and suddenly your counter space is free for more perishable items.

Wall Mount 48 Plate Rack

Allow your guests to self serve themselves at brunch if you have one or two of these mounted strategically with your room temperature items or signature brunch dishes that you know your guests will want.