Plate-Mate® Wall Support

Turn your Plate-Mate table tree model into wall mount plate stack with our 820 LM Wall Support. Load it up on the table and then hang it up on your wall and out of your way.


Turn your table top Plate-Mate into a wall model. Load it up on the table, then hang it out of the way on the wall! The Wall Support Accessory can be used with Plate-Mate table top plate racks. This wall support comes standard with the WM48-320, WM36-330, and the WM24-340 but can be used with the 6, 9 and 12-plate table top models as well. We recommend that two wall supports be used with heavy loads; certainly with the 36 and 48 plate capacities. Our wall supports can be added after the purchase; talk to your local equipment deale


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