Space is never wasted on commercial kitchens.  The front of the house always takes precedence.  Space is at a premium in any business and it is spent on areas that make money; not the expense side of the transaction. That’s your kitchen; a necessary expense.  There are some things you can do that help.  Never buy a single purpose appliance, unless you have too. If your mixer is just a mixer and can’t be used for any other applications maybe you should look at buying a different model or the additional attachments that make it more versatile. Look at your appliances and see if you have single purpose machines. If so, see what you can do about that. Stainless steel should be a requirement for you.  Nothing is more durable and easier to sanitize than stainless steel.

Think vertically when looking at storage space.  Anything that can be stacked is a plus.  Look for wasted space.  Clean, clear counters for work space is necessary but look for places that are never used; like under counters and tables. And open is better than closed storage.  Open metal racks are easier to keep clean and having items in sight stops the wasteful practice of buying things you already have. Look at work places that are not conventional when you are very busy.  Set someone up in the cooler if you can to prep food.  There is no reason that chopping vegetables and fruits have to be done in the kitchen if you have a safe, sanitary workspace in a cooler.

Holiday foods such as cakes and cookies can be decorated in coolers or storage rooms. Just be sure the work station is safe and sanitary. Make you holiday season motto “safe and sanitary” to remind all of your crew of your standards. Sometimes you are forced to think outside the box. Have a safe, prosperous, and enjoyable holiday season.