We all take our modern conveniences for granted. We all do it. Whether it’s at home or at work. The loss of an internet connection can turn a wonderful morning into a horrible afternoon. But sometimes the worst thing that can happen is complacency because our appliances are so reliable.

Coolers are the perfect breeding ground for some of the worst bacteria, especially near the door of a walk in cooler. Make sure you have a regular cleaning schedule and the staff sticks to that schedule.  Freezers are another way to get complacent.

Make you sure know how long items have been in the freezer.  You pay good money for that black angus beef and seafood. Make sure your freezer items are being properly rotated when new items are stock piled for the long term in your freezer. And with summer coming; be extra careful with the dates on dairy desserts. And remember, your walk in freezer should be on a cleaning schedule just like your cooler.  And invest in some reliable thermometers for your coolers and freezers and check them daily.

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